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Training, consulting and research is our business profile. Our team brings years of accumulated knowledge and experience of continuously updated, relevant and interesting issues.

News and vitamins are not in our profile, but in know how view of conducting training,  proposing consulting and doing research.

We underline three main ingredients:

Quality - specialized material, prepared and presented by a professional practitioner trained in a particular topic. The material, which is not a simple copy or imitation, but rather based on the trainer's knowledge, practical experience and customized to the specific requirements of the targeted issue and audience;

Creativity - creative and fun decorated elements of a plot, the analysis of the situation and the needs identified in the research, presentations, practical exercises, competitions, games and models (so called Gamification);

Emotion - free and immediate, unusual for classical training, research and consulting as providing an exciting environment for people to get acquainted, exchange information, discuss their views and express opinions, share their experience and simply spend time pleasantly and beneficially.

All in all, we created composition that is greater than usual training, consulting and research, garnished with peculiar handwriting, which makes intellectual food delicious and easily digestible.


Training, Consulting, Research

These are the themes we present to you, though, in addition, our team and collaborators may provide other expertise based on your needs.

Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Effective Presentation + 3D Presentation

Business Debate Art

Employment & Job Recipes

Strategic Management of Self-governments (Municipalities)

Product Creation/ Development Cycle

Results-Oriented Sales

Service +

Loyalty Systems

Effective Communication

Grant Writing (Proposal Writing) and Fundraising

Grants Management

Ecosystem Services Into Planning Process

Discovering Incentives of Maintaining Necessary Ecosystem Services

Cyber Security - Computer Security Devices

Effective Time Management

Business Correspondence Art

XXI Century Modern Teaching Methods

Needs Based ToT

Preparation of Scientific Papers and Presentation on Conferences

Environmental Security

Tax advising for Starting & Managing Business

Data Crunching (Excel)


Research Methods in Social Science (Excel, SPSS)


We Believe

Any business relationship should be mutually beneficial and every meeting should lay the groundwork for realizing new opportunities.

What can we do for the purpose? First of all, we say: what we do not do,

and as a result of what happens - you "consider":

  • We will not bring you from work to "work" setting.
  • We will not promiss that after having training you becaome "sensei";
  • We will not tell you, that with our consulting you or someone will definitely change;
  • We will not share with you sophistic dogmatics and will not be limited with unknown stereotypes;
  • We will not preach and bore you with monologues;
  • We will not use someones stolen concepts;

What we do important and beneficial for our mutual interests is:

  • We will study your needs and expectations;
  • We will share knowledge based on concrete experience, real cases and problems, which is practical and actual to use in everyday activity;
  • We will present considerations/suggestions internationally recognised and tried in a local context

How practical, usable these will be? see it, do it, feel it, and then, we may discuss with pleasure it together :)

We wish you success for achieving your bold goals at work and life!


Davit Darsavelidze, PhD, MPA

Partner, Researcher, Trainer

Giorgi Vashakidze

Partner, Trainer

Michael Williams, PhD, MBA

Researcher, Trainer

Jefferson R. George, PhD, MPA

Researcher, Trainer

Irma Mjavanadze, MD, MPH

Researcher, Trainer

Irakli Javakhishvili, PhD Candidate, MSc


Tekle Mamaladze

Graphic Designer

Mariam Tsiklauri

Communication Specialist

Giorgi Mkurnalidze


Anano Tsiklauri, MBA



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